Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals

A Treasured Walk Through Nature – Tahquitz Canyon Hike

The Coachella Valley is known for an abundance of hiking and biking trails from The Ladders in the East Valley to the Tram in the West.  One that has quickly become my favorite, after 20+ years of trekking has become Tahquitz Canyon Hike.

Tahquitz Canyon Hike

Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals

The day we went only one trail was open, and truly, because it was spectacular, that’s all we needed.

It is a pretty gentle walk with mild inclines and declines and with a little crawling now and then. For the most part, one can walk and look about, enjoying the scenery.

Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals

The south trail took us along the canyon walls and we immediately appreciated the high steep majestic cliffs. These cliffs blocked out the sun and made the hike a little cooler.  I would say not 50 yards into the hike, we could hear the sound of rushing water!

Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals

Now some might ask as you read this, “what’s the big deal?”

Well, we are in a desert that gets just a few inches of rain a year, and to hear and see the Tahquitz Creek flowing at full tilt was a real treat.

I think we crossed the creek a few times and after the second time, to the east was a steep, but grassy portion of the mountain. Up the mountain we were treated with bighorn sheep dotting the hillside…I mean what else could we expect to see while we were out getting a bit of exercise?

Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals

The trail, as it came to the end, as it is a loop in and out, brought us to the waterfall!  This waterfall was feeding a large pool and the spray, again acted like an air conditioner, cooling us off before we headed back to Palm Springs for brunch!

Tahquitz Canyon Hike - Coachella Valley Locals



Take some extra water and make sure your camera is ready to go. You never know what might be waiting around a corner you want to make a memory on Tahquitz Canyon Hike.

We accidentally went to the incorrect entrance, and it paid dividends!  They not only directed us, but they gave us a coupon that saved us $2.50 each off the entrance fee!

There are bathrooms in the ranger station to take advantage of before you head out on the trails.  The ranger station was also equipped with walking sticks to use @ no charge. If you needed a hat, umbrella, or a snack, you can purchase it there before heading out.

I hope you will check out Tahquitz Canyon Hike and see a little different part of the Coachella Valley. , The Coachella Valley is often overshadowed by golf courses, tennis tournaments and music festivals!

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