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5 Most Exclusive Restaurants in Palm Desert in 2020

Everybody appreciates fine food and beverages. In other words, there is nothing that excites food enthusiasts than the contentment that well-prepared dishes bring. Whether it is Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, or any other exemplary cuisine, great food has no boundaries.

In Palm Desert, there are a ton of outlets that prepare such delicacies. However, not all are the best at it. Therefore, we explored eateries in Palm Desert and narrowed down to 5 of the best. Read on to see the top restaurants in Palm Desert that excel in culinary skills.

1. Eureka! Restaurant 

Eureka Restaurant in Indian Wells, California, boasts a balance of refinement and creativity in cooking, craft beer, and whiskey. If you are an enthusiast of All-American cuisine, drop in for the taste and experience.

Enhancing customer experience in new ways is the staff’s top focus. Apart from the food, they also have weekly events such as Steal the Glass Wednesday or Live Music Thursdays. Wash down the amazing food with small batches of whiskey, spirit-raising beer, and endless entertainment.

2. Pacifica Seafood Restaurant

If you want a place to meet with your friends while dining on some of the best seafood, this is the spot. Pacifica Seafood Restaurant has been around for over 15 years, and they keep getting better.

The restaurant has a beautiful dining room, outside patio with amazing views, and a lively bar offering to make your dining even better.

Its convenient location elevates the sweetness of their food even more. Make an online reservation for faster and efficient services.

3. Billy Q’s


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Any pizza junkie will appreciate the taste of Billy Q’s pizza. It may be one of the most affordable pizza outlets in Palm Desert, but their reviews reflect quality and sweetness.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options can also be found in this all-inclusive pizza restaurant. At Billy Q’s, all everyone is treated with the best meals and even greater service. If you want fresh meals that you can take even on the next day, order takeout from the restaurant.

4. Guillermo Restaurante

Guillermo Restaurante has carved its own spot as one of the best places to get Mexican food. The Guillermo family have a love for food, and this has uplifted this premise to the top since their start in 2003. For that and great service.

Sumptuous Mexican food aside, the restaurant is also famous for tequila. They have over 300 types of tequila, which can be sampled at tequila tastings plus their unique margaritas.

Drop in for lunch, dinner, or happy hour and experience food, music, and original drinks with a touch of Mexican craft.

5. Shabu Shabu Zen and Sake

Found at the heart of Rancho Mirage, California, Shabu Shabu is another family-owned Japanese place. If you are in for a taste of Japanese cooking, where food is cooked on the table, you will enjoy it.

A taste of fresh vegetables and thinly cut meat cooked with the highest expertise has kept people returning for more. The food is then served with the delicious dipping sauce.

Shabu Shabu also has a Sake bar to compliment the Japanese food. Even better, the staff is there to guide you through the different drinks and to answer your questions on the various process used for each Sake.

In Summary

Other than survival, food is also a measure of human diversity and creativity. There are dozens of restaurants in Palm Desert. The mentioned ones just show you how different cultures and restaurants come up with different but excellent food and drinks from the same materials.


This list was created based on customer reviews submitted on TripAdvisor.






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