Heirloom Craft Kitchen

When is the last time you had a tater tot? Before Heirloom Craft Kitchen, in the Ralphs Shopping Center and 50th and Jefferson opened, it had literally been decades…like in grade school in the cafeteria right!

Except these tater tots are not like your mama or your cafeteria cook, ever made!

Heirloom Craft Kitchen

Andi Hubka has done it again. I say again, because she already owns and operates Cork and Fork in La Quinta and has a wildly successful cooking school (which both deserve their own stories) next door, Cooking with Class.

Her husband Mike manages this venue and I haven’t spoken to him since the end of the festivals, but I dare say business was crazy…and I am certain they did an outstanding job.

Okay back to the tater tots…


Andi, in my opinion is a real genius. Before she opened up Heirloom Craft Kitchen, she and Mike traveled around the west coast to see what was and was not working in casual dining. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, she discovered this concept of ordering at the counter and seating yourself. Your food is then brought to you once it’s ready.

The concept is very successful, and I love it. Seating at Heirloom Craft Kitchen is generous and she added outdoor seating to take advantage of our seasonal temperatures and amazing views to the west.

I have to admit; I have eaten at Heirloom Craft Kitchen often and Andi and Mike keep hitting grand slams!

They offer lunch and dinner Tuesday thru Friday and then brunch on Saturday and Sundays. Their hours are currently 11-8 pm Tuesday through Friday, Saturday 9 am – 3 pm

What are the best items on the menu?

Heirloom Craft Kitchen

Everything I’ve had has been delicious…two of my favorites…

Chilaquiles: Andi has added Spanish Hard Chorizo in little bite sized cubes that seem to wonderfully appear in almost every bite. I love chorizo and this is a perfect combination.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with an order of Tater Tots. OMG!

Their menu ranges from small plates, salads, sandwiches, Vegan Friendly Food, and larger plates for a bigger appetite.


Heirloom Craft Kitchen


So check it out, let em know you saw the article, if this encouraged you to go…then, come back and share your thoughts and experiences here…

Heirloom Craft Kitchen, on the Southwest corner of the Ralphs Shopping Center on Jefferson and Avenue 50th.